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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can anyone play in the club?
    A: Yes.   We feature rated chess play, tournaments & other activities.   Rated play requires US Chess Federation membership - new and renewed membership registration is available at affiliate discount prices. If you are already a USCF member, please bring your card or magazine label when you come to the club, especially the first time
  • Q: Do I have to play rated game(s)?  
    A: You don't have to play a rated game, but almost all our events are USCF rated.  In order to play unrated game you will need to find someone who'd be willing to play unrated game.  
  • Q: Do I have to come every week? 
    A: No.  Our schedule is designed so you do not have to play every night.  You can easily join events in progress
  • Q: How much are the dues? 
    A: Dues are: $25 (adults) ; $15 for both Youth (ages 14-17) and Junior (<14); membership expires at the end of the calendar year.