Upcoming Lectures

MLCC is continuing the online lecture series.

The schedule for the upcoming weeks can be found below.

Please join Skype at 7:15, to allow us to settle down and get tech issues out of the way. The lecture starts at 7:30.
The link to the session is:   https://join.skype.com/oIegEW7rWTNa

  • All ages welcome. All ratings are welcomed!
  • Please go on mute if you’re not speaking to the club.
  • Issues, questions, or concerns, please email me

10/27:  Vinko. Topic: Botez Gambit (This chess term was initially introduced as a joke by internet streamers. I will show games that include a Queen sacrifice.)

11/03: Dan Heisman

11/10: Thomas Thomas. Topic: Combating the colle system

11/17: Dan Heisman

11/24: Thomas Thomas. Topic: advice playing up and playing down. Things like how to try for upsets when you’re the weaker player and how to try to avoid them as the stronger.

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