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Main Line Chess Club - Most Improved Player Award

1. Award

The Most Improved Player Award shall be given each January and based on the performance from the previous calendar year.

2. Eligibility

All club members with a regular USCF rating as of January 1st are eligible. Exception: Unrated members or those with a provisional rating.

Members must have joined the club by March 1st to be eligible

Members must play at least three (3) rated games between October 1st and December 31st (inclusive) to be eligible.

3. Criteria

The award will be given to the club member who shows the greatest USCF ratings point increase from January 1st to January 1st.

If two or more players tie, then Co-Most Improved Player Awards will be given to all who tied.

If no eligible club member records a ratings point increase, no award will be given.

4. Standings

Top ratings point increases will be posted at club and distributed by email after each new USCF rating supplement is released.

5 Disputes

In the event of any dispute or interpretation of the rules, the ruling of the Board shall be final.