Welcome to Main Line Chess Club, The Main Line’s Longest Running Chess Club!

Main Line Chess Club (MLCC) is a friendly place for chess players of all levels to enjoy the great game of chess. Our players range in age from 8 to 80+ years-old, and in rating from entry level all the way to Expert and even National Master levels!

The club is open every Tuesday, 52 weeks/year (except major holidays that fall on Tuesday). Here are more details:

  • We feature rated chess play, tournaments & other activities
    Rated play requires US Chess Federation membership – new and renewed memberships available via club almost every night at affiliate discount prices. If you are already a USCF member, please bring your card or magazine label when you come to the club, especially the first time
  • You don’t have to play a rated game, but almost all our events are USCF rated. Please come to the club before 7:20 PM to play
    If you can, try to make three games in each tournament at be eligible for USCF rating bonus points if you do well, but you can play as many time as you wish (even just one) – there are no limitations
  • Our schedule is designed so you do not have to play every night. You can easily join events in progress
  • 2020 Dues: $25 (adults) ; $15 for both Youth (ages 14-17) and Junior (<14); membership expires at the end of the calendar year.
  • Can’t make it? There is no need to call if you cannot make a specific night. However, if you are a registered member, and you think you might be late (7:20-7:45) call 610-645-8600 and ask for the Pineapple Grille. Ask the person who picks up the phone to check you in for tonight’s game. Please do not call past 7:20, as the pairing has already begun.   If you do not call ahead, and you arrive after 7:20, you likely will not be paired for a formal game but are welcome to stay and play informally
  • Normal time limit: Game in 75 minutes (for each player); G/45 available if you have to leave early (please let TD know before pairings); you may also play slower than G/75 if your opponent agrees.
  • Club does not supply equipment so please bring your own board, pieces, pencil, and clock (if you have one).
    We are affiliated with PA & US Chess Federations