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Main Line Chess Club - Player of the Year Award

1. Award

The Player of the Year Award shall be given each January, based on previous calendar year’s performance.

2. Eligibility

MLCC members whose USCF rating is under 2000 on January 1st are eligible.

Provisionally rated and unrated players are eligible.

3. Point System

700 Points for a rated win

300 Points for a rated draw

100 Points for a rated loss

100 Points for a forfeit win

100 Points for a forced bye necessitated by an odd number of players attending the club that night

0 Points for all other byes

0 Points for a forfeit loss

750 Points for attending the annual meeting and participating in a/the Consultation Game

500 Points for winning the biggest upset in a tournament

4. Modification for Faster Time Controls

For tournaments where more than 1 round is scheduled for the evening, divide the number of points earned by the numbers of games scheduled.

Example: In the 7 round Quick Chess Tournament, Peter Patzer scored 4 wins, 1 loss, 1 draw and then went home and did not participate in round 7.

4 wins (2800) + 1 draw (300) + 1 loss (100) + 1 ordinary bye (0) divided by 7 games earns (3200/7) = 457.14 points.

Round fractions to the nearest whole number. Round .5 up.

5. Upset Bonus

In each tournament with a default time control of G/60 or greater, the player who scores the greatest upset (as measured by USCF ratings points) over an opponent shall earn 500 points.

The ratings used in the calculation shall be from the USCF supplement for the month in which the tournament began. TDs are responsible for ensuring ratings are properly updated.

No game in which at least one player is provisionally rated or unrated shall be eligible for the upset bonus.

If no qualifying lower rated player defeats a qualifying higher rated player in the tournament, no upset bonus shall be awarded.

If there is a tie among upset victors, the 500 points shall be divided equally among the winners. Round all fractions to the nearest whole number. Round .5 up.

6. Exclusions

No points shall be earned from the Club Championship.

No points shall be earned from matches played between club members that are submitted by the club for rating, but are not played at the club.

7. Ties

In the event of a point total tie, multiple Co-Player of the Year Awards will be issued to all who tied.

8. Standings

Point total standings will be posted at club and distributed by email after every tournament conclusion.

In November and December, the standings will be posted and emailed weekly.

9. Disputes

In the event of any dispute or interpretation of the rules, the ruling of the Board shall be final.