Welcome to Main Line Chess Club

Main Line Chess Club (MLCC) is a friendly place for chess players of all levels to enjoy the great game of chess. Our players range in age from 8 to 80+ years old, and in rating from entry-level all the way to Expert and even National Master levels!

The club is open every Tuesday, 52 weeks a year (except for major holidays that fall on Tuesday). Here are more details:

  • We feature rated chess play, tournaments & other activities.
  • Rated play requires US Chess Federation membership – new and renewed memberships are available via the club almost every night at affiliate discount prices. If you are already a USCF member, please bring your card or magazine label when you come to the club, especially the first time
  • You don’t have to play a rated game, but almost all our events are USCF-rated.
  • Please come to the club before 7:20 PM to play.  If you expect to arrive later than 7:20 pm, please call 215-219-7599 to let the TD that you would like a game starting late.
  • If you can, try to make at least three games in each tournament to be eligible for USCF rating bonus points if you do well, but you can play as many times as you wish (even just one) – there are no limitations
  • Our schedule is designed so you do not have to play every night. You can easily join events in progress
  • 2022 Dues: $30 for adults,  $20 for Youth (ages 14-17) and Junior (<14), and $50 for a family.  Membership expires at the end of the calendar year.
  • Can’t make it? There is no need to call if you cannot make a specific night.
  • Normal time limit: Game in 75 minutes (for each player); G/45 available if you have to leave early (please let TD know before pairings); you may also play slower than G/75 if your opponent agrees.
  • The club does not supply equipment so please bring your own board, pieces, pencil, and clock (if you have one).
  • We are affiliated with PA & US Chess Federations

Pairings for Round 1: MLCC is BACK

Here are the results of the first tournament from our new home!!

New Members:  Caleb Bunhu, Passion Tapfuma, Edward Kanterman


Bd # Res White # Res Black
1 1 0 Stanislav Busygin (2315) 2 1 Joseph Mucerino (2085)
2 12 1 Edward Kanterman (1036) 15 0 Bunhu Caleb (unr.)
3 3 1 Omelan Markiw (1670) 4 0 Richard Snyder (1604)
4 13 1 Danylo Markiw (1006) 11 0 Harvey Bass (1142)
5 6 0 Stephen Mattox (1520) 7 1 Lyndon McNall (1381)
6 16 0 Sean Gould (unr.) 14 1 Thomas Nordeman (940)
7 9 1 Howard Serota (1298) 10 0 Gary Fick (1226)
8 17 0 Passion Tapfuma (unr.) 8 1 Paul Petrillo (1314)
5 ½ Kyle Fisher (1599) BYE

Lecture on 2/9/21

Topic: Computer Moves

Explanation: The term “Computer Move” was introduced during recent years by streamers and fans who use chess engines to follow high-level chess on the Internet.  After the computer shows them the best move in a given position, commentators start guessing whether the human player will play it.  If this appears unlikely, the move is referred to as “Computer Move”.  Examples from grandmaster games will be discussed.